About us

Welcome to the resilient mind by von Lerse, an online platform which allows expert practitioner psychologists to share their expertise with anyone looking to build and develop their mental well-being.

Our practitioners are accredited by The Health and Care Professional Council, the highest accreditation body for clinicians in the UK. Furthermore as researchers, academic lecturers and qualified trainers they are experts in the development of mental well-being.

The resilient mind by von Lerse provides you with on-demand access to practitioners who work with behavioural, cognitive, psychoanalytic, positive psychology, humanistic and existential models to name a few. Because we have thousands of client hours of experience and worked with people from all walks of life we are able to tailor make bespoke training for you individually or for your team and organisation.

We have created proven and pragmatic psychological training courses that work. Through these courses you will be able to build your strength and reframing experiences which restoreand create a healthier and more resilient self (Rashid & Seligman, 2019). In other words, our courses support the prevention of mental and emotional breakdowns which in turn will allow you to build a more resilient mind.

We offer bespoke training programs using interactive course building functionality, together with a playlist of on-demand videos and live consultations. So you are able to meet all our expert practitioners as part of our training and course offerings.

With over 50 years of research our point of view is that Resilience is rebounding. It is your ability to come back from difficult life circumstances, distress and even disaster that will allow you to become a more resilient person. Outcome data show that a resilient person appears to be more successful and more satisfied at work and with life at large (Wicks, 2018).Research has further shown that resilience can be fostered (Patterson, J. L., & Kelleher, P., 2005). As such the resilient mind by von Lerse teaches how to build and develop resilience pragmatically, in small bite-size courses.

For example, to name just a few areas of focus, you can increase your ability to handle conflicts better, understand how to meet stress and stressors to prevent exhaustion, and practice how to detach from depleting but persistent habits. Regardless of where the issue may be, through the resilient mind by von Lerse you can find an expert practitioner who can help youto create sustainable change and form new healthy habits.

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